Friday, September 3, 2010

Night sewing

Joshua was at home today with a random bug, so we spent a lot of time in my craft room making stickers and cards, cutting little pieces of paper, playing with buttons and pom poms... Ok, maybe I should rephrase: he spent a lot of time doing those things, and I got to finish his new kindy satchel and do a bit of knitting. The satchel was made using a piece of denim and a second-hand belt and is the perfect size for a change of clothes and a piece of fruit. What more does a 3-year old need to carry around?
I started making it last night. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy sewing at night? The house is quiet, there's no interruptions and I can think about what I'm doing. And I can keep going until I've finished the job or I can't keep my eyes open any more; not worry about school pick-up times and making dinner and all those chores.
The knitting is the start of a long-term project. I'm under no illusions; it's for next winter because I'm a slow knitter and this is my biggest knitting project so far. It's the Pimlico shrug from Knit2Together by Mel Clark and Tracy Ullman, and I'm using an alpaca/wool/acrylic blend. It's looking good so far, and feels so warm when I try it on. That sounds like a joke, but it's a cuff, so I can do that! I'm knitting it in the round using the magic loop method, which is such a dream for knitting these small diameter projects. And can you see I've been playing around with the hue and saturation function in Photoshop?
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Father's Day on Sunday :)

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