Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The printing didn't happen as planned on Friday, because ironically both boys got sick on the last day of school. I managed to do some yesterday though and here is the result:
After such careful planning and over-thinking, I still managed to stuff up The Repeat. I decided you didn't need to see that, so I left it out of the picture. This design needs a bit more work, but overall I like its look. It's called 'In the neighbourhood', by the way. I'd really appreciate some feedback on this: what do you think, would it work as fat quarters, even yardage? I'd like to print it on linen and make some kids' bags like this one and this one.
I think the biggest problem I have is not with my design, but with my tools and work space. A large space with very big printing table would be perfect; I printed this in our garage on a pretty small table, which makes it a very slow and inefficient process. I can only print 3 repeats before I have to clean the screen and wait for the ink to dry, then do 3 more, etc. Conclusion: Ruby in the Dust needs a cheap studio on the North Shore with big windows and high-pressure hoses. That's not asking too much, is it?


Jesse said...

I'd like to join you in that dream studio :) Pity The Repeat didn't work, but it is a great print!

Danelle Hugo-van Eeden & Tharina Jonker said...

Ek dink dis cute! Die studio klink soos inspirasie!!! xxx

Cat said...

Very cute. I am with you on the screen printing studio. I have taken to sneaking into playcentre on the weekends and doing it there. I can set up all the tables, and have a big sink in the art area to clean down, plus they have heaps of screens and squeegees!!

imba said...

I love it! How did I manage to not see this at your Craft 2.0 table yesterday!? I think I had eyes only for the pocket-mirrors! Do you have any fabric left available for purchase? Please let me know imba.nz(at)gmail.(dot)com. Cheers! Catherine.