Saturday, October 23, 2010

Uncle Arthur strikes again

As promised, here are some images from my latest batch of 'Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories' journals. I've written about them before, here and here, so have a little read if you're interested. As usual, there's some lovely lessons to learn and lots to think about:
'Mrs Baldwin's guinea pigs did make a dreadful noise some nights.' What on earth can they be up to? 'Billy's old bugle was worn out.'
'Mike was in one of his difficult moods.''Grandma loved her beautiful old tabby cat. Lucy prayed that she might be able to replace him.'

'It was a happy family that camped in the woods one sunny afternoon - Father, Mother, and the three children.'
I've listed a few of them in my latest shop update, and the rest will be on my table at Craft 2.0 next weekend.
Ok, I'm off to join my lovely happy family in our tent by the beach on our impromptu Labour weekend camping trip. Have a great weekend!


Little Miss Flossy said...

They're gororgeous! I love mine and people get a kick out of flicking through it.

Ruby in the Dust said...

thanks Pauline! so glad you're enjoying yours :)