Thursday, October 14, 2010


I wish I could show you something I've started and managed to finish this week, but no. Today's post is all about unfinished business, brought to you by the colour yellow. I only noticed it when I uploaded these photos, but obviously it shows how much I appreciate this colour these days. It all started with The Cupboard, and now it's spring it seems the perfect accent colour for everything I make!

My first work in progress is a dress for myself, from my book Sewing Talk. It's cut from a stretchy denim with some patterned red pockets for fun.
The second WIP is for a tutorial for the next Extra-Curricular magazine; you'll have to wait and see what it becomes...

A prototype for a kids' satchel with some of my new fabric and denim left over from the dress:

And some crowns waiting to be decorated:
I've got two more projects on the go: more journals (including some more Uncle Arthur's Bedtime books!!) and an improved Neighbourhood print. Wish me luck! I'll surface when I've got something finished...

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