Saturday, November 13, 2010

Loose ends

This week has been a bit disjointed as I've been taking a breather before the next Big Sew for the December markets. That's my excuse for this terribly random post anyway :)

Item number one: My journals and mirrors are now available on Foxes, where I hope they will feel all smart and fancy next to the beautiful designer dresses, lovely stationary and other foxy things.

Number two: I have put the Neighbourhood Really Fat Quarters on Etsy. Fly my pretties!

Number three: After two years of being a careful Flickr user, I reached the 200 free photos-limit and now I'm a pro. I'm still busy (and will be for a while) organising and adding my photos, but it's looking nice and colourful over there already. Feel free to have a browse!
Item number four: I made myself finish this top the other day, so as not to be the laziest member of the Clothes for Mum Challenge. Consider it a muslin as I'm really planning on making another one in a black and white stripe; I don't know what I was thinking using this colour which does not flatter my complexion at all... It's New Look 6838 and not a great pattern. It was huge and I had to take it in significantly, and next time I won't bother with the back seam. Still, I like the fit now it's customised, and the neckline is lovely.


lesleywebb said...

I did it. A blog, that is. x

Ruby in the Dust said...

happy blogbirth :) very exciting!