Monday, November 29, 2010


We had our annual pre-Christmas camping with friends this weekend, and it was fantastic as usual. I think the Muriwai ARC camp ground is one of Auckland's best kept secrets.

The pohutukawas are in flower already. For those of you who aren't from NZ, these are also known as the New Zealand Christmas tree.

This was the view from inside our tent, to the communal (pohutukawa) tree outside. Everything was done in and under this tree; climbing, sleeping, eating, secret Santa, you name it.

Craig took his climbing kit, and all the kids had a turn being belayed right to the top. Here's Daniel...

and Joshua:

And an adult in need of a nap:


Lesley said...

Oh that tree! Magnificent. I see you had almost the same tent spot as last year.

Ruby in the Dust said...

we missed you :)

Notchka said...

What a fantastic view from your tent. I live in the South Is now and sure miss those trees.