Monday, November 8, 2010

A thneed

I got a couple of signs from the knitting gods today; they wanted me to buy the Dummies guide to knitting for $1 at the library and then sent me to the op shop to pick up the Mattel KnitMagic (circa 1974, still in box, complete with original day-glo orange yarn). Glorious.

I had a couple of very enthusiastic helpers, who took turns knitting a wrist warmer.

Then Daniel really got the bug, and patiently cranked the handle for about 30 minutes. When he unraveled the tube from under the machine, he exclaimed 'I've knitted a thneed!'. He was so excited. Now that I'm armed with the instructions and we know how to cast on and off properly, I can imagine there'll be a few of them under our Christmas tree, so watch out Webb and Hugo family! Of course you know a thneed is a fine thing everyone needs.

PS: Saturday was really great; the kids had a wonderful time and my stall was pretty busy, so thanks to everyone who came by to say hello or buy a little something :)

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