Monday, December 20, 2010

5 sleeps

Every year this time I wonder where the month has gone! Into making gifts for other people of course :) With all the markets now thankfully over, I can focus on my own family and friends' Christmas needs. I've still got a few things to sew up before Thursday night, but I thought I'd share with you my take on an Advent calendar I saw in the Your Home and Garden magazine a while back. They made a calendar with paper bags pegged to string and hung up on a wall, but I didn't like the logistics of that in our house, and just made do with the obvious. The bags are all pegged to the tree and the boys are amazingly good at remembering the date every day at afternoon tea time! I glued some numbers to the front and then put a couple of chocolates, candy canes or stickers into every bag. My kids are seriously going to suffer from lolly withdrawal symptoms in January!


Lesley said...

Oh, the lolly consumption is obscene at this time of year! I'm sure the kids' teeth are rotting before my very eyes. I should have enforced an afternoon-tea-advent-treat timing. Ours are begging straight after breakfast!

BigLittle said...

What a great idea... nice and simple :)

It was lovely to meet you at Craft Bomb on the weekend. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and new year x

Ruby in the Dust said...

yes Lesley, the timing had to be right for school days, couldn't have daniel high on sugar before class!
thanks Lisa, same to you :)