Monday, December 13, 2010

The fair

I've got a few photos to show you of my table at Saturday's Fair. Look at the shiny marble floors and beautifully dressed table in long black skirt. Very fancy! My talented neighbours Karen and Fred from Luxford St and I shared the space at the far end of the hall. Thanks to everyone who came round to say hi and get some Ruby in the Dust goodies; I'm pleased to say I have one keyring pouch left and am busy working on 15 more for Kraftbomb this Sunday. So much for no more sewing before Christmas!


Kitty as a Picture said...

Hi! Thanks for your positive comments on my new blog. I saw your stand at the fair - it looked fantastic. Your blog is lovely; Yay for Emily putting us in touch! Brenda

nzgreenbuttons said...

your stall looked amazing Heleen! Nice to meet you too