Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One more week

The days are zooming past me this week; it's Wednesday already and it feels like I haven't done very much so far. I am working towards a few things at the same time: getting ready for Kraftbomb this Sunday, Daniel's 5th birthday next Thursday, combined party on Friday, Joshua's 3rd on Monday together with Daniel starting school. Pfew. So of course I'm hoping to do a huge amount in the next 7 days. Joshua's gift is the knitting in the previous post; here's a sneak peek at Daniel's:
Thank goodness I have some completed projects to show too. I'm so pleased with how these pouches turned out; they're padded and large enough to hold quite a bit of make-up or jewellery. They will be on my table on Sunday, together with the new crowns below. Can you see that I have a new pair of scissors? I have been wishing for a pair of scalloped scissors for the last couple of years, and finally got my hands on some, thanks to Luisa. I just had to try them out on my crowns, and am so happy with the effect. I love scallops, but just the lines, not the ones you eat.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adventures in the Fair Isles

Some more projects I've been busy with: a new pouch design and a hat. Lovely colours...


We're getting ready for a very busy month in our house: three birthdays, a couple of parties and a first school day all within the space of 3 weeks. It's the school day that's got me worried more than anything, so to keep my mind occupied I decided to make Daniel's book and chair bags myself. I didn't want any of those awful fluro bags, so I got some oilcloth at Spotlight and took the bag measurements at the school office.

If you want to sew your own set, you will need:
about 1m of 150cm wide oilcloth (I used tablecloth fabric, available in Spotlight's kitchen section),
about 4m bias binding,
some velcro,
a leather needle (a denim needle would probably be ok; just remember you'll stitch through up to 3 layers of that cloth).

I made the chair bag a bit narrower than the ones they sell, because I noticed the ones in class were too wide and drooped quite a bit. My measurements were: a 40cm square for the main part, two 20x40cm rectangles, one 30x40cm rectangle. To make working with the bias binding easier, I folded it in half and ironed it before I started.

Cut out your pieces. Sew bias binding onto one 40cm edge of each of the rectangular pieces. Position pieces like in the photos, making sure the edges finished with bias binding are facing upwards (for the back) and down (for the front of the chair). Now pin it all together and sew bias binding right around the whole 40x40 square. The bags were just as easy. The library bag's finished measurements are 36x33 with a 10cm flap which I cut on a curve, the smaller book bag is 27x30cm with a 10cm flap. It closes with velcro and I even added some plastic name pouches. Remember to sew the velcro and name pouch before you sew the whole thing together with bias binding. Hope this makes sense; I don't want to teach you how to suck eggs, but let me know in case you would like more specific instructions.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I was so happy to receive the latest issue of Extra-Curricular on Tuesday. As with the first one, it's full of great articles about very talented people, and Ellie has done another great job with the design. It looks good enough to eat, or put in a vase at least... I've got a little ad in this one, and also have a brooch featured on the 'Objects of our Desire' page. Thanks Miss Smith!

Onto some knitting news; I finished the neck warmer over Easter. It's really warm; those are super-insulating cables. But it's not for myself; the intended recipient normally suffers from Cold Neck in winter.

I have also been working on a little project on the side which I should probably mention (it's not all knitting here, you know). I have nothing to show yet, but tomorrow I take posession of 6 new silk screens. I have made myself a small printing table, got my inks sorted out, possibly found the fabric, now what else do I need? I know, the designs... Working on those, slowly but surely. Just don't hold your breath, ok.

Monday, April 5, 2010


We ended our Easter weekend on a lovely note this afternoon, stopping at the Auckland Botanical Gardens on our way home. Such a popular place; I can't believe we'd never been before... I was especially inspired by the shapes of the aloes and cacti; their lines so clearly defined and symmetrical. I particularly like the 'ghost prints' on the aloe leaves, look at the 2nd photo above. Hope you had a very relaxing Easter!