Thursday, March 3, 2011

Helping out

It's been over a week now since the big quake in Christchurch. I've been thinking about what I can say about it, but I still feel quite speechless. Thankfully the few friends and family we have there are fine, but of course there are so many others whose lives have been profoundly affected.

What has struck me so far has been the response of everyday New Zealanders to this disaster. People are helping out in very practical ways, like taking in now-homeless residents, driving around collecting dirty washing to return clean the next day and local students forming a volunteer army. There are also so many fundraising efforts and it seems people are digging deep to contribute. One such effort came to my attention last night, and I thought I'd share it with you here. A young family friend of ours, Nicholas, is selling his very own cookbook to collect money for the Relief Fund. He wrote and tested all the recipes himself, and is busy writing a second book. If you look around his website, you'll notice that he is a very special young man who has already packed a lot into just 9 years. You can email him through his website to order copies of his book, which is available for $5 + $1.50 p+p.


Justin & Rachael said...
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Rach said...

Hi Heleen, just wanted to say thank you for this post... the wider sense of community since the EQ has been amazing. We live in ChCh - thankfully with lives, home and jobs intact.