Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sick day

The boys and I had a great day yesterday: we baked, watched Junior Top Chef and embroidered! Daniel was off sick from school with a temperature. Joshua wagged kindy; or rather, Mamma did. And it bucketed down all day; perfect conditions for a quiet day spent at home. They got a bit bored in the afternoon, so I got them to draw something simple on a piece of fabric, stretched it over a hoop and threaded some needles. I just doubled the thread over and made a knot on the end so that they couldn't pull the thread out of the needle by accident. Just look at their creations; I'm so proud of their work...

Daniel's hearts, made for me. Guess who's the perfectionist :)

And this is Joshua's doll. Did I say something simple? You'll never get anything simple with Joshua...I just have to show the back; after reading this very funny little post about Andy Paulson's embroidery skillz:And this is what I managed to achieve. Pandora has a dress, lucky girl. Another outfit to follow tomorrow, when everybody will be back at their various stations: school, daycare and craft room.

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Danelle van Eeden said...

Well done julle tweetjies! Julle handewerk is pragtig! Kan nie glo julle het dit self gemaak nie. Liefde xd