Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swatch book tutorial

Seeing this post today reminded me that I promised to do a little swatch book show-and-tell. Although, now I've seen what Heather has done, mine seems a bit elaborate... but it's still very simple, so let me show you how. This is the finished product:

First, print a piece of card like this one. The wording you want on the front with the other information (on the back) upside down. I just created the file in Publisher; it's very simple.

Then cut your fabric to sit inside the edges. I've used pinking shears to finish the bottom edges, but if you want to be sure it won't fray, iron some vilene on the back before you trim the fabric.

Now stitch it all down using a denim or leather needle.

Voila, it's done!

I made some to include in the goody bags for this weekend's Auckland Art and Craft Fair. It's on at Aotea Centre from 11 to 3 on Saturday; come say hi if you're around!

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Jesse said...

Lovely simple tutorial! Thank you!