Monday, July 11, 2011

Creative Mama

I'm very honoured to be featured on Anissa Ljanta's blog Growmama this week. She's doing a series on creative mums, and I'm on her list, together with some very talented other mums still to come. You can read a bit more about how messy my house is, and other interesting facts about me and my boys (all four of them: the big one, the little ones and the cat) here. Be sure to comment while you're there because I'm giving away one of my felt crowns to a lucky reader.

And now it's bedtime; as usual I'm up way too late. Read the interview and find out the reason :)


melissa said...

go heleen! i loved reading your itnerview and i stay up way too late as well. :)

anissa ljanta said...

thanks for being part of the Creative Mama series Heleen, i loved reading more about you and your world...i'm with you on the crafting before housekeeping honey! And, busted...stay up way too late crafting in the blessed quiet too. x

Ruby in the Dust said...

it seems I'm not the only night owl :) x