Monday, July 11, 2011


I've been eyeing up Dana's robe pattern for a while now, and couldn't resist any longer. I had a long overdue new baby gift to make and my boys have outgrown their swimming towel ponchos. This pattern has been very easy to put together, but I found the bias binding a bit exhausting. Bear in mind that I'm a massive bias binding fan. In saying that, I chose to do double the work by attaching the binding in the 'proper' way, plus I can't think of a better way to finish a robe like this as it adds colour and looks really smart.

I made the robe in the pictures (for baby 9mnths and up) from a small piece of stretchy toweling remnant, and lined it with some of the beautiful lawn Spotlight has at the moment. I didn't have enough to make the sleeves the suggested length, so added a cuff which was really just a very wide piece of bias binding. I actually love that bit because it shows off the fabric even more.

Some notes if you're interested in getting the pattern: you don't need as much bias binding as the pattern suggests (if you're buying by the metre); I think 6m should be enough. But then I always think you can never have too much bias binding in your stash, so having some left over is no problem for me. Also the sizing is for up to 4 year-old, but the one I made for Joshua (just turned 4, but rather tall for his age) is almost too small when the hood is on. I'm going to play around with the pattern because I'd like to make one for Daniel too, and will have to add quite a bit of length. Definitely perfect for younger/smaller kids.

I've got my eyes open for cheap and colourful beach towels now, and will show you more robes as I finish them. Maybe I should wait for summer so I can also take gorgeous shots of kids on beaches and outside pools like in the Flicker pool :)

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melissa said...

this is gorgeous. i want to wear it myself... gosh your bias binding skills are amazing!