Thursday, August 4, 2011


I wish I can show you what I'm busy with at the moment, because it's very exciting but still in pre-production stage. I thought I'd better just show my face around here though, so have a look at my newly-acquired stash instead.

A lovely metal basket which might be painted in yellow or something more cheerful one day. A karate belt, a boy's belt, some piping and two little coat-hanger clamps.

A couple of pillowcases from my dear sister-in-law, a pink and red sheet and two double blue and purples.
Palpitations here: a boy pillowcase with nautical theme, down to the rope detail! Two more pillowcases, floral.
And something I might not be sophisticated enough for to understand: a tea towel with chess-playing dogs! I don't get it, but it's linen and I want to use it in my kitchen.

And here is a lovely find which I cannot read: La Montana (ok, I know it means 'the mountain', maybe even 'the mountains'). It's in Spanish, but was written and illustrated by a French artist, Alain Gree. I had a lot of fun reading it in my best Spanish accent to the kids. Poor children...

I adore his graphic retro illustration style, the blocks of colour and seemingly simple shapes and lines.


Jacqui said...

Oh sure, just pop in and dazzle me with your sheet opshop finds! Very jealous of it all!

Danelle van Eeden said...

Ha ha ha! Die honde is skreeusnaaks!!! Pragtige illustrasies in daai boek...maar wens ek kon hoor hoe gaan die voorlesing! Mis jou! xxx

Annie B said...

Fabulous finds Heleen! I spent a week in Rotorua recently and I spent a whole day op shopping with my friend.I got so much stuff I had to buy a cool retro suitcase to bring everything home in ( it was $3 AND has keys). I will post photos on my blog this week.

Mary Nanna said...

Lovely finds - I did make it to Nick's closing sale and only purchased one piece of fabric - not too much discipline required as most of it wasn't suitable for my purposes!

Anna said...

Love! Keep squirreling!