Monday, September 19, 2011


Last week was a tough one in our house; all 4 of us had the flu, Craig had a Big Birthday and was too sick to do anything, Daniel was a wonderful tree in his schooI production and I finished a wholesale order of bags through it all.

Even though I felt like you-know-what, the bags were really fun to make.  As I mentioned before, I had Pauanesia's wonderful stash of vintage fabrics to work with, and I teamed it with some very colourful vintage trims (you can see a picture on my Pinterest page here).  I was in heaven working with all the saturated colour of vintage NZ and Australian tea towels and tablecloths, bobbles and fringing.

This Monday finds us all much better, the bags are on the shelf in the shop and now I can concentrate on getting a bit of sewing done for Kraftbomb this weekend.  I also have plans for a giveaway here and on FB this week, so come back again for that :)