Thursday, September 29, 2011


A wee while ago my friend Bronwyn was doing a cull of her vintage sewing patterns, and I saw potential in this one, Simplicity 7395.  I liked the look of those patch pockets and have always had a thing for fold-over skirts. This pattern was great to use, and I'm very pleased with the result.  I used 2m of quilting cotton from Spotlight's bargain table, which was just enough for this project and cost me $14.  Not the cheapest I suppose, but I've been eyeing that print up forever, thinking it was out of place in the quilting section... It's a bit hard to see the pockets, but they're there and very generous.  It folds over at the back, and has a good overlap I believe (fingers crossed no sudden wind gust proves me wrong!).



I've never used a vintage pattern before (this one is dated 1975), and there were a few surprises, sizing being the biggest (geddit?).  The pattern was printed in one size, 16, and I'm a 12, so expected I'd need to take it in a lot after first sewing the pieces together. But no, it fits perfectly! The other anomaly was the length.  The illustration for the short skirt makes it look like an on the knee-number, but to get that length, I took about 12cm off the pattern.  So I can only gather that my mum's generation were extremely slim and tall creatures, or sizing has changed a great deal in the last 30-odd years.

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