Thursday, September 29, 2011

A spring giveaway

Last week I promised a giveaway and I bet you've been wondering whether I've changed my mind or something.  I'm sure that's been occupying your mind all week, hey :) 

Well, I've been meaning to take a gorgeous photo of the prize but no, I've been sewing clothes for myself instead.  But there will be a giveaway because this blog is 3 years old and I have 300 likers on FB and I think you nice people deserve a little thank you from me.

I'm going to put a little parcel together and randomly choose a name out of all my followers.  Of course I know my Blogger followers, but please send me an email (link in right-hand column) or message here if you follow me through a different feed like Feedburner or something else. I'll pull a name from a hat on Monday.  I'm doing the same over on Facebook so if you're a liker there you're in another draw.   

And here's a bit of Ruby in the Dust colour for your day.  I'm so attracted to these strong pastel colours, and when I look at all my product photos it really shows.  These are my brooches that I used to make a long, long time ago.  I loved them, especially in a group like this; I always thought they looked like a bowl of lollies.


Flower said...

They are BEAUTIFUL! xx

MissMollyCoddle said...

Beautiful. Yay for a giveaway too!

Roslyn said...

Wow I really love that skirt pattern. Fascinating about the sizing. I guess like most things patterns have also improved - especially the multi-sizing aspect.
Would be interesting doing the pattern with contrast pockets.

Deniz Bevan said...

Ooh a giveaway, how exciting! I follow on email :-)
Those are gorgeous brooches. I love the colours you use in your projects.