Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living architecture

Image from The Daily Mail
I saw something on TV the other night that was so beautiful and inspiring, I just had to share it here.  The clever locals who live in the Meghalaya province in India have been building living bridges for what looks like hundreds of years. They train the roots of the strangler fig into functional bridges and ladders which can be used after about 10 years and can last up to 500 years. It's a very wet region and I imagine very poor too, so this is the perfect sustainable solution: a bridge that will stay put in floods and won't decay.  Apart from the obvious environmental and economical benefits, these must also be some of the most beautiful structures around.  You really should watch the video; it's from the very worthwhile show 'Human Planet' that's on Prime at the moment.  


Erin said...

This is amazing and so inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing! We can learn so much from these people.

Karlientjie said...

Wow!! How little we know of how others struggle for a living. Thank you for sharing!

growMama said...

H, thank you so much for posting this...can't wait to show J in the morning! Beautiful and wise. x