Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy birthday Kraftbomb!

I can't believe Kraftbomb is 3 this month! Happy birthday old friend :) And happy birthday Ruby in the Dust too! My first market was 3 years ago too; the awesome Craftwerk market that used to be held in St Kevin's Arcade on K'Rd. Anna and I had a little spot in the dark downstairs by the Wine Cellar and I for one had no idea what to expect. Now I'm a bit of an old hand at this market thing and am doing two this weekend. Tonight I'll come full circle at St Kevin's; Karla from Kraftbomb has organised a fun night market in conjunction with BFM's B Street event. The market is open to everyone, while the gigs are only for those with B cards.

See you there between 5 and 9. Alleluja cafe will be open late if you need a drink and a bite between shopping.
Tomorrow is time for Kraftbomb; can't wait to catch up with my crafty friends and see what's new. I have some spiffy new bunting for my display, fresh for Spring. Have a great weekend and catch some sun if you can!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Today was such a beautiful one, don't you think? Here in Auckland it felt like spring isn't far off; in fact you can be excused for thinking it's here already if you look at all the blossoms out.

I had a little adventure into the city this morning to visit Heather at Pauanesia. I've made a few cards for the shop using their vintage maps, and am very excited about a second project: I'll be dipping into Heather's fabulous collection of vintage fabrics to make some bags especially for Pauanesia! Will keep you updated about that.

While I was out I got a copy of the latest Extra-Curricular. What a success. Well done Ellie for producing a magazine while on your OE; I can't imagine many people would be able to multi-task to that extent! And I was pleasantly surprised to see my work in there as well, in Anissa's article about upcycling, 'Waste not, want not'.

Now for something a bit more random: I have a pretty new teapot and cozy. Here it is, but I'll tell you more about it at the bottom of the post.

Speaking of pretty, and following from the title, some new pouches. I've got two markets this weekend, and hope to see you at either the B-Street night market on Saturday (5-9pm, St Kevin's Arcade on K'Rd) or Kraftbomb on Sunday morning (11-2, Grey Lynn Community Centre on Richmond Rd).

And here is the teapot again, with sewing pins for scale. Amazing! It was hand-knitted by a lady called Helen Palenski here in NZ, using tiny wire knitting needles. We took the boys to the North Shore Miniature Club's annual show over the weekend and were amazed at the detail and imagination of the displays...

Monday, August 8, 2011


I made a little kids' satchel this weekend for a custom order using some of my 'In the Neighbourhood' fabric. I've been keen to try quilting on the lines, and this seemed the perfect opportunity for a little experimental hand-quilting. I'm pretty happy with how it looks:

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I wish I can show you what I'm busy with at the moment, because it's very exciting but still in pre-production stage. I thought I'd better just show my face around here though, so have a look at my newly-acquired stash instead.

A lovely metal basket which might be painted in yellow or something more cheerful one day. A karate belt, a boy's belt, some piping and two little coat-hanger clamps.

A couple of pillowcases from my dear sister-in-law, a pink and red sheet and two double blue and purples.
Palpitations here: a boy pillowcase with nautical theme, down to the rope detail! Two more pillowcases, floral.
And something I might not be sophisticated enough for to understand: a tea towel with chess-playing dogs! I don't get it, but it's linen and I want to use it in my kitchen.

And here is a lovely find which I cannot read: La Montana (ok, I know it means 'the mountain', maybe even 'the mountains'). It's in Spanish, but was written and illustrated by a French artist, Alain Gree. I had a lot of fun reading it in my best Spanish accent to the kids. Poor children...

I adore his graphic retro illustration style, the blocks of colour and seemingly simple shapes and lines.