Monday, March 26, 2012

Pattern review: Lisette Portfolio Tunic

For the amount of times I've searched for pattern reviews and finished garment images online, I feel I owe other sewers my 2 cents' worth when I actually make something.  I've started doing that recently, after a whole week of sewing a pretty dress (on the pattern envelope) and ending up with a sack (on me).  I'm not sure I'm ready to review that one yet though...

If you are not a regular reader, just some background: I'm a pretty experienced sewer, but when it comes to clothes, I'd say I'm at an intermediate level. I'm a size 12 here in New Zealand (which is around an 8 US, I think) and about 1.7m tall.

Earlier this year I was given some beautiful printed wool or wool-blend fabric.  The pattern is lovely close-up and reminds me of the Chrysler Building; very Art Deco.  I decided to use it for my new Lisette Portfolio tunic (Simplicity 2245).  I had seen so many amazing examples in the Flickr pool and elsewhere, and it looks like one of their most popular patterns.  Safety in numbers, right.  Right.  It's a very versatile garment, and can be worn as is with leggings or with layers underneath.  I'm looking forward to wearing it with skinny jeans and boots and merino tops underneath this winter.

I love the pockets! What a great design: the middle front panel widens out towards the bottom and ends in the pockets.  They are perfect for a dress, and I'm very keen to try incorporating them into my all-time favorite dress from the book Sewing Talk.  I made the folded cuffs, and will try the longer sleeves next time.

I used a couple of vintage buttons from my stash for the simple closure on the back.  I like their instructions about turning the loops with a needle facing backwards (sew thread to end of loop, draw needle eye forward through loop).

All up, a nice, versatile pattern and garment.  My main problem is the fabric I chose. The busy patterns  hide the details that made me want to make this in the first place: the small square yoke at the top of the middle panel and the flattering line of that panel into the pockets. Next time I will use a solid color in linen or even a lightweight corduroy, as I've seen on Flickr. I am also keen to use piping on the front panel, although that might be a bit ambitious.

The fit is a bit shapeless too, but I think that has something to do with my sizing. Next time I will take it in a bit in the waist and cut the lower part slightly wider (I cut it out as a 12, but think I should have done 14 for the skirt part). To wear it with leggings, I'd like to lengthen it by about 4cm because it's a well-known fact that leggings are not pants :)


CraftyFox said...

tehe leggings are not pants! It looks good, you finished it really well. Can't comment on the fit until we see you on it though! does it belt nicely?
Pockets are my fave :)

Lesley said...

Loved the link to "Leggings are not Pants" - reminds me of a FB group I joined called "White Pants are the Devil's Work" with a similar range of cringiness. I do love the top, but think the print is fighting with the detail for sure. But love the print too. You will wear this heaps in the winter I'm sure.

Jessica Egmont said...

Love your version and review!
I have looked everywhere for this pattern (even set up google alerts, ugh!) Would anyone happen to have purchased and extra of this pattern (Simplicity Lisette 2245 size 6-14) I would love to purchase it from you or borrow it, copy, and return.

I hope to make this dress for a friend for her 50th bday, its her favorite. Please shoot some luck my way...much appreciated!
essicajmj at yahoo dot com