Monday, March 12, 2012

Tea time (and a giveaway)

I'm dying to show you my almost-completed project: a new china cabinet/hutch.  It's sat in the garage for a couple of months, patiently awaiting a paint job, but now it's in the house. Dare I say everything around it is in chaos: there are boxes of junk to sort through now, but this is all I see.  It still needs a few finishing touches, and then I'll show you properly.     

While we're on the subject of tea (cups); how about some hot cross buns? I don't like advertising products on my blog, but this is for a really good cause and you can also benefit: it's time for the Baker's Delight Bundraiser again. They are running a fundraiser on Saturday, 24th of March in which $1 from every pack of hot cross buns sold will go towards Starship Hospital, so if you're planning on buying some buns, make sure you do so on the 24th.

I have 3 vouchers worth $10 each to give away. You can just leave a comment here or on Facebook; tell me how you like to eat your hot cross buns and I'll do a random draw next Monday. Make sure I can reach you, so leave an email address if you're not on Blogger. It's only open to NZ residents, but they are running similar giveaways for Australian customers on their website. 

My favourite ways to eat hot cross-buns are 1: toasted and buttered and 2: made into bread and butter pudding.  We had this one tonight and I can guarantee there'll be requests for second helpings. I used Baker's Delight choc chop buns, added some blueberries and served it with custard. Very very nice! Here's my recipe, based on Edmonds':

Hot cross bun Bread and Butter Pudding (feeds 4-6)
4-6 buns, depending on size (I used 4)
2 cups of milk
3 eggs
handful of blueberries
a teaspoon or two of sugar (not necessary when you're using chic chip buns)

Cut the buns into quarters or eighths, layer with blueberries.  Whisk eggs and milk together and pour over buns.  Leave for 15 min and then bake at 180 degrees C for about 30 min.  Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with cream, milk or custard. Enjoy :)


Jacqui said...

I think I just died and went to heaven thinking about bread pudding made with hot cross buns! Must. Try. My favourite way to eat them is with a little butter - when I make them I do the crosses in icing, so I guess I should say I like them with butter and icing. Toasted is definitely the way to go if you haven't eaten them all by the next day and they're a little stale.

kittie444 said...

Wow what a cool idea - never ever crossed my mind to make bread and butter pudding but I think I might give this a go on the weekend...

My fave way is lightly toasted but I only like Hot Cross Bun Bums... don't like the tops - so I am perfect to share with!!

Thanks for the great ideas - looking forward to seeing your project.


Lesley said...

The pudding looks delicious!

I like them fresh with about an inch thick of butter spread on top. In fact, it's more like "would you like some bun with your butter Lesley?"

I have a particular soft spot for the Rosedale buns, the more fruit the better!

But Baker's Delight is great - they have some fancy varieties I've heard.

R.W. Scissors said...

Looking forward to seeing the cabinet! I'm also doing some cupboard reno at the moment.

I like hot cross buns very toasted, almost burnt, with butter and hopefully not too much peel (though the first one in the bag is usually eaten fresh, picked at on the way home from the bakery).

CraftyFox said...

YUM! I love them toasted with sooo much real butter (none of this marg business) all soaked in mmmmmm

melissa said...

even the thought of hot cross bun pudding is amazing. cosy and comforting, for sure! what a good idea, as usual :)

Sarah said...

ooo that bread n butter pud sounds amazingly delish! I like mine with a little marg and then lashings of plum jam (lovingly homemeade ofcourse) mmmm,mmmm

Ineka said...

Your pudding looks gorgeous, I will have to add hot cross buns to the shopping list forthwith! I like mine split, grilled both sides and served hot with lots of butter for a decadent breakfast treat.

Also - how come we go so mad for hot cross buns only at Easter time? After all, at any other time of the year, they're sold as mere 'fruit buns' sans the cross...

HamiltonMum said...

Yum - that pudding sounds divine! Hot cross buns are good anyway - toasted, warmed in the microwave, with jam or lemon curd or just butter - yum!

Ruby in the Dust said...

Hi there Kate, I haven't heard from you yet. can you please contact me, otherwise I will have to pass on the voucher to somebody else :)