Thursday, April 26, 2012


Here is the hen who lay the eggs:

Here are the eggs that were laid by the hen:

And I am the cook who cooked the eggs that were laid by the hen. Aren't we lucky? For almost two weeks now we've had an egg a day from Miss Greedy, who started laying right on cue at 19 weeks.  The other two, Long-neck and Fluffy, don't look like they're far off either.  I laughed when I looked at photos of when they first arrived at our place, they looked so small and scruffy. 

They are so enjoyable to have around; I especially like hearing them around the garden and having them follow me around.  Sometimes when they hear me outside, they come storming around the corner in such a hilarious way, like they don't want to miss anything.  And they don't; we don't seem to have nearly as many passion vine hoppers and other baddies in the garden as is normal for this time of the year. Bonus!


mila + cuatro said...

One of my girls laid almost every day for two years before having a moult - two years! She is a little star. She's still having a break, but I'm hoping she'll be back on the lay soon. Aren't the first few eggs tiny! Sadly our girls haven't put a dent in our passion hopper population, but our feijoa tree has produced bountiful crops the last two years, and our veg patch has definitely benefited from their poop.

Ruby in the Dust said...

wow, that's fantastic; sounds like she really deserves a break:) yes, the poo is good for the garden, I just wish they'd do it all in the right place, not on our path!

Nicky said...

Go the girls! Bet the kids are loving having them round too? We have a dysfunctional family of 3 chooks - 1 older girl who is a great layer, and 2 new shy girls who are being picked on by the older one. Not sure if they're going to work it out or if we'll need to give our big girl away!

Deniz Bevan said...

That's so exciting! I wish I could keep a chicken. Darn living in the city!