Friday, June 8, 2012

The Great Sock Monkey Challenge

Meet the Sock Monkeys, two of a bigger group that we made at Lucky Penny on Tuesday night. We're making some for the Great Sock Monkey Challenge, run by Rachelle from Ahiparagirl and her friend Olivia whose little boy has leukemia.  When they're all made up, our monkeys will be given to Starship to distribute to the little ones with critical or long-term illnesses.  Their goal is to donate 1000 monkeys by Christmas, and anyone can help.  Have a look at the link above for more information and email addresses, and join the Facebook page to have your say, add photos and look at some of the monkeys with their new owners.

If you're interested in making some, please use new socks and stuffing.  Ann's bunny (I think :) above  was made with only one sock and has the thoughtful addition of sewn-on eyes for very young children.  I can't remember the title of the book she got it from, but here's another recent sock monkey book. Mine was made with two socks and I followed these instructions. If you'd like to join us at Lucky Penny next time, we meet at Alphabet City in Eden Terrace at 7.30 on the first Tuesday of the month. We'll be finishing off our monkeys so we can take them to their new owners, so if you want to put yours in the box, you can drop it off and join us for a cup of tea :)

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Annie B said...

The sock toy I made above is made from one sock and it's from a book by my friend Vasanti who lives in Auckland. The book also has toys made from gloves and the instructions are really easy to follow. It is available here, you can also order it from Whitcoulls and other good book stores, or check your local library.