Monday, June 18, 2012


Hi there, how was your weekend? I have a few photos to show of mine; it's been a full but relaxing weekend and I even managed to sneak in a bit of crafting. I'm taking part in the Handprinted Fabric swap (run by Leslie from Maze and Vale) and decided to do some block-printing.  I used a block I made ages ago using some of Joshua's randomly-cut shapes.  As you'll see below in my set-up shot, I use Permaset inks, with a piece of felt used as stamp pad and then roll the ink over the foam shapes instead of pressing it into the felt.  This keeps the shapes more defined and prevents the block from getting too saturated with ink.

In other news, I made the cutest little mouse from a child's glove.  Meet Eddie, who has been claimed by my helper, Joshua.  This means I have to make at least two more now, one for Daniel and one for the Sock Monkey Challenge, but that's ok because Eddie was so much fun to make! He's tiny, maybe only 10cm tall, but that's because of the size of the glove I used.  I made him from this little tutorial, but used the cuff for his ears and head.  A tip if you're keen to use safety eyes with sock monkeys and the like: don't cut even a tiny hole for the eye shaft.  Just push it through the fabric, otherwise you'll end up with an ever-growing hole around the eye, as I found out with Eddie's first head!

Have a great week :)


CraftyFox said...

Oh how cute! Well done!
xx Amy

Lynn Taylor said...

The cross pattern is super appealing.

leslie said...

hooray! LOVE you fabric and the mouse is soooo cute!

Jacqui said...

Have you thought about doing a class in fabric printing? I'm just oddly nervous about doing it on my own and I'd gladly pay to have you show me!

Ruby in the Dust said...

Glad you like my crosses and mouse :) Jacqui and I have decided to do a little printing session; maybe I'll get some ideas together for a complete beginners-printing class!