Sunday, August 12, 2012

A chair

I have a thing for chairs.  Some people like shoes; I like chairs and bags.  I found this lovely one a few years ago in the op shop and it's been sitting in our lounge ever since, looking sad and unloved.  The problem with somebody like me is that I can see the potential in something so well that I stop seeing the ugly and just imagine the finished product. And so she sat there for a while, until finally I cut off the ugly covers and recovered her.  It only took me a few hours and now she looks very smart and mid-century-like.  Here's the ugly:

Then I covered the foam squabs with some left-over batting from the stool project

And here she is, much nicer and very comfortable to sit in.


Fancy Nancy said...

Great to hear Im not the only one who collects chairs. Even when I have no room/need for them they are too good to pass up. Of course being able to recover them ourselves means we snap up what others consider sad and ugly. Sigh, another one I have to put on Trade Me.r

imba said...

Inspired! I had a chuckle about 'seeing the potential so clearly you stop seeing the ugly' - you've described it perfectly (I share that problem too...) Wow that only took a few hours - it looks awesome.