Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This morning I spent a few enjoyable hours with my friends Lesley and Jacqui doing a bit of print-making.  We tried all sorts of things: bubble wrap (very easy, no work involved),

potato prints (as you can see I need more practice with the knives!),

even a bit of rubber stamp-making. I've been thinking about doing this all week and was very excited when Jacqui had some carving blocks in her stash.  I just glued a bottle cork onto the back for a handle.  The boys loved it of course; stick a skull on it and they're in heaven.

Jacqui printed some apples onto linen, with great success. It turns out you need a really sharp knife as the apple needs to be cut perfectly straight to get a good print.

Lesley thought about projects she can do with young children and carved some fun geometric shapes  from potato.  She used brightly coloured acrylic paints and printed onto paper. This is her set-up (I just love those colors together!).

If you'd like some more inspiration for projects you can do at home, have a look at my Printed by Hand Pinterest board.

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Jacqui said...

It was SUCH a good time Heleen, thank you so much! I'm still dreaming of that loaf you made too...