Monday, October 15, 2012

Assembly line

If you popped in for a coffee in the next couple of weeks, this is an example of what might see: 

A table full of beads, thread, needles, instruction booklets and so on.  In various states of being measured out, folded, assembled.  It's all going quite well, but I had a disappointment last week when my long-awaited thread arrived minus one cone.  The worst thing about it wasn't even the cost, but the time it was going to take to unwind the replacement skeins.  If you've never done it, know that a skein can go from a lovely little rolled up loop to a knotty tangle in the time it takes to pull the wrong end or do something similarly small but disastrous.  Craig knew about this; he's helped me with my kits before.

When he saw the look on my face this weekend, he said he had an idea.  Five minutes later he had made this contraption with the boys' Kid Knex.  It works perfectly! It's like two little revolving 'fans' that turn when you pull the thread. Our boys are very keen to become inventors one day and it's easy to see that they certainly have the right genes to get there!


Jo Ashcroft said...

That contraption is priceless. I hope he has patented it :-)

clare said...

exciting! I think I'll put one of your new kits on my christmas wish list! x

bunnyeatsdesign said...

Great invention!

Jesse said...

Absolutely genius!