Saturday, January 19, 2013


Our summer holidays only started properly last weekend; Craig worked over Christmas and New Year and so we're on holiday while everybody else is back at work. Not a bad thing! We've just spent a few days in the Coromandel, camping at Fantail Bay.  The weather wasn't too great, and the bay quite exposed to the wind, but we had a great time nonetheless.  This year we got the boys their own little tent, which they were very proud of.  We're not keen to get a much bigger tent and we were starting to run out of space, so this is a good solution.  

Most New Zealanders will know how beautiful and rugged the Coromandel is, but for the sake of non-NZers, I have to explain.  It's a peninsula on the east coast of the North Island, and is about a couple of hours' drive from Auckland. The road is narrow and windy and mostly follows the coast, with stunning scenery.  We went way past Coromandel town, about an hour north on a really narrow dirt road. The further we went the more amazed I was at how remote we were. As the crow flies it's actually really close to Auckland but you might as well be in a different country.  I felt so privileged to be there.  We took a drive to Fletchers Bay, the end of the road on the western side of the peninsula and were the only people on this beautiful beach for about 3 hours.  Bliss!

We've still got a bit more traveling to do, so be warned this might be a holiday blog for the next couple of posts before I start thinking about serious business again!


Lisa said...

gorgeous x Have a fab holiday :)

Ruby in the Dust said...

Thanks so much, Lisa! It's been great, but I'm back to reality today :)