Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Warp

What to do with a box of really old sewing threads? Anything but sew with them! These threads all look so glorious, but I've learnt from experience that they will break or cause you headaches with machine tension.  

Better to weave with them, I thought.  Not that I know anything about weaving... I found a simple tutorial and looked at some diy-weaving images on Pinterest and came up with this little loom made from a clean styrofoam tray. 

This is what it looks like so far:

I might make a bracelet with it; will show you when it's all done.  It's pretty slow going, but very easy to work on when you've only got a few minutes. 

If you're after more inspiration, have a look at the very talented textile designer Karen Barbe's work.  She embroiders, weaves, designs patterns and has the most wonderful eye for colour.  

Have a lovely weekend!


Annie B said...

you could weave some beads in too - and some metallic thread ( I have heaps if you want some). How amazing!

Ruby in the Dust said...
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Ruby in the Dust said...

That would look beautiful! I'll take you up on the offer if I'll do another one Anne :)

Max said...

what a clever idea. it looks beautiful x