Friday, March 1, 2013

Pineapple Beer

Although the nights are getting cooler, it's still very much summer around here. Hot, sticky days. Cheap  pineapples.  What to do, but make pineapple beer? 

I always thought pineapple beer is a fact of life around the world, but like the word 'robot' for traffic light (really!) and Mrs Ball's Chutney, it's a South African thing. I think there are different recipes for it, making some alcoholic and others non-. The stuff we used to drink as kids must have been in the latter category; or so I should hope! 

This recipe is alcoholic, as I found out by accident one morning, but that's another story... It's a bit like ginger beer, and very refreshing in a tall glass with some ice and mint. Here's the recipe I used: 

Alcoholic Pineapple Beer
1 whole pineapple, skin and all (washed and chopped into big chunks)
1/2c sultanas
5c sugar
2tsp dry yeast (that you use for bread-making)
7 litres warm water

Put everything into a bucket and stir until sugar is dissolved. It should start bubbling quite soon. Cover with a lid (not too tight-fitting), leave in a cool place and stir twice a day for 3 days. You should see some fizzing and it will start smelling very yeasty. I guess it would get stronger, the longer you leave it. After 3 days, strain the liquid through a clean cloth or tea towel and decant into bottles. Don't fill it up too much; leave a good 5cm of air in the top. Cover with tea towel and leave for 12h before you cap it.

Some notes about the bottles: I used glass bottles with swing tops and thought the gas might make it explode, so kept it in a bucket under the house.  One bottle did just that, so use corks if you have some, or empty soft drink bottles. I've just poured the second batch into plastic bottles, and released some pressure by slowly opening the top and closing it again when it starts to fizz.  Do this whenever you see the bottles swelling up. Don't worry, it won't go flat like lemonade. Remember to release the gas if you've taken your beer on a car journey too.  My advice is really not to keep it for too long; make it and then enjoy it cold :)

Let me know if you try this and have a great weekend!


Ineka said...

Thanks for giving away the recipe - so refreshing and deliciously different! This would make a great cocktail to enjoy on a late summer evening...

Deniz Bevan said...

Neat! I hadn't heard of pineapple beet before!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to trying this out. How long could this be kept for do you think, in a sterilized glass bottle?

Ruby in the Dust said...

Hi there Anonymous, I wouldn't recommend keeping it for long. It is very fizzy and as I said in the post, might explode! best to make it and drink it within a couple of days from when it is ready. Good luck :)

Heino Kruger Art said...

Hi! Heino here. I made the hulets pineapple beer recipe. Stirred twice for 3 days. With a cloth over it only. The fizzing stopped after 3 days. My aim is to leave it for 7 days. I tasted it and tastes flat and like wine. I put a lid on it now. Trying to make alcoholic pineapple beer. Am I doing the right thing? Should I add more sugar? Thanx!

Unknown said...

I use a cooler with a drain spout for 3 days of first fermenting. After 3 days I fill glass canning jars and seal them and let them sit minimum of 3 days and it gets stronger as time goes by. I also used the tepache recipe that I found and is very good. I get two batches out of it. The recipe I use is as follows:
1) 3 pineapple ( include outer skin so you don't have to use yeast )
2) 2 lbs of brown sugar
3) 1 gal jug of water
4) a splash of ground cinnamon
5) heat tape to seal lid of cooler
6) cooler
7) strap or rope to tie the lid down

For second batch I use:
1) same pineapple
2) 2 lbs of brown suger
3) splash of cinnamon
4) a packet of yeast
5) 1 gal jug of water
6) then seal it with heat tape and rope or strap

After 3 days of fermenting I refermint it a minimum of 3 days in glass canning jars. Lids will pop but that's ok. These last two batches I made I had 3 small pineapples and 2 medium size containers of strawberries. Will know tomorrow night if it's good since the jars in first batch I just put in fridge tonight which you do need to chill for 24 hours. Though second batch is a lot darker than the first so hopefully it will be stronger. Also when in first fermenting process, never open the lid till after you drain liquid from drain spout. If you do you will cause it to get bacteria in it and it won't taste good at all.