Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Handmade 2013: The Lowdown

I've been back home a few days now but I'm still buzzing from teaching at Handmade. This was my third year, and favourite so far: I taught five 2h-workshops, attended a masterclass with Rosemary McLeod and a workshop with Melissa Wastney, managed to catch up with a few friends and make a few new ones.  A great weekend in my books.

A highlight for me was my Vintage Embroidery Zip Pouch class. I had full classes both days and was a bit apprehensive about teaching so many people at once.  I needn't have worried; my students were all superstars and almost everyone finished their pouch in class. My favourite moments were when somebody who thought they were a bit behind or less experienced than the rest, realised they could manage and did.  I honestly love that feeling that I've helped someone do something new. I wish I had photos to show you, but it was busy and I didn't have my camera, but they were beautiful, those pouches! Looked just like this one:

I was really glad to have some juniors and their mums in my Hoop Wall Art embroidery class, plus of course adults of all ages.  The girls were around 8 to 9 and managed beautifully; I was very impressed with their skills.  Something I never considered before about embroidery was how a left-handed person would approach it, but with the help of a few left-handed ladies in my class, we worked it out. Pretty much exactly the opposite way I do it, so I had a little brain gym in the afternoon sessions! Here are some gorgeous photos taken by one of my talented students, Laura.

It was so nice to spend a couple of hours stitching, and most people were well on their way with the hoop by the time we finished. I had a lovely small class to finish my Saturday teaching, Applique and Print a T-shirt.  We had a great time working with freezer paper and fabric paint, and embellishing it with embroidery and appliqué. Fun!

What I love about Handmade is that it feels like a national conference for all us crafters. Every year, we get to hang out and inspire each other with our ideas and creations and every year there is a bigger pool of experts and people keen to take on a more creative life. I left feeling desperate to start a(nother) new project, maybe a bag with heaps of zips or a skirt for winter or a dress-up cape for my boys. So far we've managed making a few stamps, inspired by Melissa's stamp carving class.


melissa said...

great roundup heleen!
so nice to hang out again. it was a special weekend.

Ruby in the Dust said...

Thanks Melissa; and you're right, it was really special xx