Thursday, February 13, 2014

How do you do?

The other day I got asked to make a little tutorial for Valentine's Day using my embroidered card kits. I said yes, and then I thought about all the photos and writing and the time I don't really have to spare at the moment.  Well, I realized pretty soon I don't have to worry about that. I made this in one evening , and could have taken quicker if I didn't stumble on my words and had to do so many retakes! Here's my little guide on  How.Do. What do you think?

MAKING AN EMBROIDERED CARD a micro guide by Ruby in the Dust on How.Do

It's such a great way to make a little tutorial, and super easy. At the moment it's only an iPhone app, but the Android app seems to be on its way. Anyone can make a guide, and all it takes is downloading the (free) app, taking a photo, recording your voice, and repeating that until your guide is finished. Easy peasy, and a great solution if you have a quick project you'd like to share on the interwebs.